Isparks-box had to dye my hair….again. Manic Panic did not last. So the next dye I tried is Sparks. The picture to the left is what the box looks like.

It is surprisingly on the cheaper side. I bought 2 different colors for $6.30 each on Amazon. The 2 colors I bought and applied to my hair are Red hot and Purple Passion.

I had to bleach my roots and what not before I applied the color.


There are things I loved about this dye and things I did not love. I love the way the colors turned out. I kept the dye on for almost an hour, the directions said 30 minutes, and they came out dark, rich, and very vibrant.

One BIG problem….it stains EVERYTHING. My bathtub looks like I killed unicorns. My kitchen sink, which is where I washed my hands. My entire body has random red and purple spots

The smell of the dye is not overpowering but is still obnoxious and I don’t like it. I cant really tell you how long it lasts yet because I just dyed it today. I will come back later and update this post.




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