The only books I enjoy usually are books that are supernatural themed or Erotica. But I have always loved a good Nicholas Sparks novel. My mother is a die hard fan of his so she has a bookshelf filled with his books. Which means his books were some of the first books I read. I was never a fan of The Notebook, it is very over rated to me. And really wasn’t that good to me.

One of my favorites is The Guardian. I have started rereading it again. I wanted to share it with you all. This is one of his novels that I think they should make a movie out of but for some reason they haven’t yet.

This book follows a woman named Julie Barenson. She lost her husband Jim. He left her a puppy, named Singer, and a promise to look out for her. The book takes place 4 years after his death. She is ready to find someone new now and went on a couple of dates. One of which is Richard Franklin, a handsome and sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen. The other Mike Harris, a down-to-earth guy who was her husbands best friend. Instead of happiness she is dealing with trying to fight for her life in a nightmare. Chilling deception and jealousy that turns into a murderous desire.

It is a thrilling story about love, stalking, and choices.

Buy the book here……..



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