I recieved Pampers EasyUps for free to test and review from a great site called Shopper Army. Which you can register for below….


Let me start by saying that both my sons are still in diapers. My oldest is 2 1/2 and not potty trained yet and wont be for awhile. With that said he is very big for his age, he gets it from his dad, people always asume that he is 3 or 4 years old. They dont make diapers bigger than size 6 in stores and size 7 online. Which is why i was curious about trying some kind of pull up.

After doing research i decided against pull ups. Everyone and i mean everyone said that they arent meant to hold up for very long. They dont actually hold liquid. Just meant to be training pants. It didnt matter the brand or design…everyone said the same things.

Fast forward a couple weeks and i get the offer to try Pampers EasyUps. So i figured why not?

I got a full pack of them, which was a pleasant surprise. The pack i recieved were 3T-4T.

I decided that i was going to start with a bang…night time. If they can hold up all night long than thats a win in my book. And guess what…….they held up.

To be completely honest they held up better than the diapers we have been using. Also my son cant take them off on his own. He has decided he likes going commando. They dont have a smell to them. Diapers tend to have a strong baby powder smell. They also have a cute design on them. My husband and i decided that we buying easy ups from now on for our oldest.

I highly recommend these for people with bigger children that cant fit diapers anymore. Not sure about for potty training because we havent gotten to that step yet but will let you know.


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