As you all know i am a stay at home mother, which means i have no income of my own coming in. A couple months ago i started looking up different sites and apps that are legit and either pay you or send you free products. I am a part of multiple companys that offer these things. I am going to share with you my all time favorite so far. I say so far because i am always looking for new ones and trying them out.

  • QuickThoughts – This is probably my favorite app. They pay you $2 for every survey or give you 10 cents if you dont qualify. I have made the most money with this app. You can cash out for an Amaxon gift card once you earn $10. I have cashed out multiple times already. The surveys are pretty easy and this is a fast way to earn some extra cash.


  • VoxPopMe – This is one of the newer apps i downloaded so i have not cashed out yet but it seems promising. With this app you get payed to make short videos. They make missions for you, or questions about different topics and then all you do is video yourself answering the question. They payouts range. Some of the ones i have done have been 50 cents and 25 cents. You can also earn by refering friends.


  • Fronto – This is a lockscreen app. You get payed to unlock your phone. Now its not everytime you unlock you phone. That would be dumb on there part. You only get paid once every hour. You can also get paid through referrals and by playing there offers. And they give a daily reward for checking in. You can cash out for different gift cards.
  • BzzAgent – I  have been apart of this site the longest. They send you full size products to test and in return they just want your honest reviews. I have gotten full size shampoo and conditioner to try. I got Loreals new sponge, foundation, concealer and color correcting kit. And much more, all full size products. All you do is sign up and take a couple surveys so they can better match you up to products. They want to send you stuff you will actually use. Screenshot_2017-06-27-15-24-26.png
  • Generation Good – they are a company of all natural products. Cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, etc. They have a generation good community that you can become apart of. They have missions that earn points with. They will send samples for you to test and review. All they want as an honest opinion.

    There are 3 other sites that are set up exaclty like Generation good……

Smiley360; Glimmer Community; Snuggle Community.

  • Pay Your Selfie – is another picture app. They pay you for your selfies. Have a messy kids room? Cooking out? Have a best friend? They pay you for those kind of selfies. It a fun app and it cant get any easier than that. Just take pictures.

Those are just the apps that i have found recently that are legit and are worth wasting time on. Ill end up making more of these list posts as i find more apps and sites. Enjoy!!


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